I am mom of two girls adopted from China. My 13 yr old has anxiety, OCD and ADHD. She is a nightmare. DD is getting treatment, though--meds and therapy--but she has developed an unhealthy attachment to a male teacher at her school. He says she stalks him in the hallway, enters his room without permission and generally harasses him. She writes his name on pieces of paper, says his name all the time, you get the picture. The teacher has sent me several angry emails and has even threatened to get a lawyer. I feel terrible, and totally understand his frustration.
We have a meeting with admin and dd teachers on Wed to draw up a 504 plan. Her therapist thinks dd is suffering from an attachment disorder. I am scared to death. Does anyone have any advice or experience with this? Dd was 8 mos old when we adopted her.
Thank you so very much for your reply! No, dd is not in his class, but his classroom is next to one of hers. She does understand her behavior is not normal, and trust me, we have talked to her till we are blue in the face. She seems to have no control over it. (She also treated another teacher like this at another school. I moved her out of that school to the middle school in the district I teach in. Very awkward situation since I have to see her new obsession at inservices,etc.)
I have heard from a friend that this teacher is volatile and has anger issues. Their daughter did not like him when she had him. At at rate, I really appreciate your helpful reply. I am going to suggest an escort (which will mortify my daughter, but so be it), and we are increasing her therapy sessions. Thank you again.