I have been doing endless researching on international adoption to get my husband and I started in the process. I can't lie that I am starting to get discouraged as I have been looking into it for the last two years and seeing more and more countries seem to close up. When I go to agencies websites they seem to have very updated information as with the US government intercountry adoption page.
Could anyone tell me from recent experience what countries are indeed open and what agency you are working with?
Thanks so much for your support as we begin this journey.
Hi Englez9086,
Have you tried our wiki?, I know there is some information on there regarding international adoption. I do know that many countries have closed due to the scare of illegal adoption practices. I hope you get the info you are looking for.
-Spud :Chewie:
You could start with
Although it is mostly a site for adopting older and/or special needs children (which is now what international adoption is mostly about anyway), it has a tons of good and reliable of information about international adoption.
You can read about countries that are currently open here: [url=]International Adoption Locations | Rainbowkids Adoption & Child Welfare Advocacy[/url]
Here is info on agencies that work in those countries: [url=]Adoption Agencies | Rainbowkids Adoption & Child Welfare Advocacy[/url]
Make sure that you understand the difference between "country requirements" (which you can see from Rainbowkids) and "agency requirements". Some agencies add their own "eligibility requirements" on top of what the foreign country requires. If such agency requirements exclude you (e.g. marital status, age, religion etc,), just move on to other agencies who don't have the agency specific requirements. In my adoptions, I looked for agencies that did not have restrictions on adoptive parents other than country requirements. Adopting is hard anyway, why make it even harder. Just me :)
We are currently pursuing an adoption from Peru. As far as Latin American hague convention countries there are Peru, Colombia (currently limited), Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Mexico and Dominican Republic. There may be a few more. Of course the agencies that work with these countries may not be near you but it is still possible to work with them long distance. Good luck in your journey!!