After a long wait we are now eligible to take our first step to the process of international adoption from India, with my husband having obtained his US citizenship. We are looking at selecting an agency with India program from the list provided in CARA. We are based in California Bay area.
1. Would greatly appreciate any feedback on agencies for India programs. BAAS is my local agency, so am also looking to see if anyone has used this in recent times.
2. I was also wondering whether it is important to have these agencies local to your state or city. Does it make any difference with ease of processing.
3. I am looking at adopting from South India most likely Tamil Nadu. That being said, do I need to check if these agencies have social workers or good tie ups with orphanages in these places? Does the wait time vary according? Does the choice of state impact? Since everything is streamlined through CARA how do things vary agency to agency.
Thanking you for your time. Would greatly appreciate any help and information. For specific agency details please PM me.