Hi all,
We are new here, and eager to learn from the experienced community.
First of all, I would like to get some input on the agency EAC, European Adoption Consultants.
We have had a very positive impression of them in our initial contact, but wanted to research further before we commit completely.
We are looking to adopt internationally, probably from India, but we have not decided 100% on the country yet.
We are a married couple, both of us are little people, and ideally, but not necessarily, we are looking to adopt a child with dwarfism as well.
looking forward to hearing from you, in PM or any way you prefer.
thank you very much!
Hi S & K,
I would highly recommend using EAC! We adopted 2 boys, one from Russia and one from China through EAC. They were professional, helpful and reliable throughout both adoptions. I really appreciated having one person handling our adoption from start to finish and I especially liked all the in-country guides they provided. We always felt safe, informed and never alone while in each country, which made the travel much less stressful. Please private message me for more details. I'm happy to answer any questions you have about EAC and international adoption.
- Kelly Smith