We are just starting the process, we are looking to adopt a child under 5 years old. I am confused on how to begin? We are looking international or domestic. I am having a hard time deciding the first step, I find all of these agencies, so in order to find our match do I need to register with them all, or are they connected? Hopefully I do not come of sounding bad, I am just trying to find the right child to complete our family, internationally I am thinking Mexico or central america, but if the right child is in the US that is fine too. I don't know which company to use and how to start. Any advice would be appreciated, hopefully I am not overthinking this.
Hi Micah,
There are options, which can make the whole process seem overwhelming. Here are a few options that may give you a starting place.
One place you can start is on our adoption guides at: Adoption.com/guides. There's step by step guides on different ways of adopting. A great option is adopting through the foster care system. Most of the children listed on photolistings (like Adoption.com/photolisting) are usually available for adoption from foster care now.
Since you are hoping for a young child to complete your family, another option is to check out having a profile on Adoption.com/profiles. It's a place where expectant parents contemplating placing a child for adoption can look through profiles of families (with no pressure or coercion) and make connections with families of their choice.
Hopefully others will have some good advice for you!