Hello everyone! I would like to ask a question to all mothers.
How did you feel when you saw the pictures of your child for the first time? How did you feel when you saw the pictures of him when he he was a baby? does it take effect see him in the arms of another woman? Have you had the feeling he was a STRANGER? or you feel that it is part of you?
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The first pictures I got to see were ones of his wedding that he gave me a link to while we were emailing (our first method of contact). I'm trying to remember what I felt: excitement, relief, joy, fear. I tried to look for resemblances to family members. I was delighted with a picture he brought to our first meeting -- one of him at about 3. I have loved seeing the pictures of him growing up. (Yes, I'm said that I missed it, but I love seeing the pics.) It took a long time until I got a pic of him held by his amom. Do I wish it had been me? Yes, of course. But I wanted him to be loved and held by his aparents so it was good to see. I definitely feel a connection and the pics help him feel less like a stranger.
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