Last week I found my birth mother and found out I also have a full biological brother and a niece!! I am meeting with my bmom today and am a little nervous. I talked to her twice on the phone and she seems really sweet and really happy. We are meeting for lunch. I just am nervous I am going to mess something up. Wish me luck!
Thank you so much for asking! The reunion has been pretty incredible and not quite what I expected. The first meeting was just my birth mom and I. We met for lunch. I really liked her right away. I look a lot like her and we have a lot of little things in common. A few days later I met her, her husband, and her brother at my full brothers house where I got to meet him also for the first time and my 5 year old niece. We got a long instantly and a week later he sent me a message asking me to meet him and my niece a at pumpkin farm. Since then I have also met my half brother and his girlfriend who just a week ago had a baby so now I have a new nephew who I am going to meet this week! He also has a 15 year old girl.
My birth moms husband has two daughters so they are my step sisters. I met one of them yesterday for breakfast for the first time and we really hit it off. She told me I am now stuck with them lol. She invited me over with the whole family for Thanksgiving. After breakfast I met my bmom, her husband, my niece, my bmoms brother and one of my other step sisters sons at The Pumpkin Farm again and we spent the day together.
My adoptive parents have both passed away. They are the ones I will always consider my real mom and dad. But I love this new family I have gained. Everyone has been so accepting and loving and have really made me feel like I belong. My bmom always says she felt the connection right away. I am not sure the connection I feel is as strong as the one she feels but I feel lucky to be able to say I have two moms who loved me.