Today is a good day! Recently I located my birth family. After looking at some of their profiles on Facebook I decided to write a letter to a biological sister, as I felt she would be the best one to reach out to first. I sent her a letter and she called last night after she opened and read the letter. She said she has known me by my name all her life! I guess the whole family has known my adopted first and middle name and spoke of me over the years and even induced me when they would add up how many siblings there were. It was really great talking to her as we talked for about 3 1/2 hours!! She said I sound just like our mother over the phone. It is funny how many things we even have in common!! Kinda of crazy since we grew up in different life situations and places. I am leaving it up to her as to when she feels it will be best and how to tell her mother. As she knows her mother, family and health more than I do. We are both pretty happy about this. She didn't know how our mom knew my adoptive first and middle name... but she did. She said that her mom even joined a search program for me years ago... I look very forward to learning more about everyone. Sadly three other siblings have already passed.. but I now have her and one brother and bio parents to get to know!! Yes today is a good day and we have the future to look forward to.