The last time I Saw my sister she was 8 from what I remember, Her name is Chloe Higareda and we live in Los Angeles. She used to live with this lady and out of no where she put her back in the system and I think its because my sister said her husband was touching her! I NEED to find my sister and know she is ok and if we can find her a new home, I'm young and this it, it's self is hard for me to deal with since I myself was in the system. I have tried everything and this is the last thing to come to mind. I dont know how this works but if ANY one is OUT THERE that can help, please reach out to me.
If you are looking for siblings, a child placed for adoption, a birthmom, etc please take a look at our Reunion Registry. has the largest Reunion Registry with close to 500,000 individuals in our database. Have you tried looking here?
It is currently free to register. Go ahead and get started. You just may find who you are looking for!
Good Luck!