Hi guys!
My brother has recently separated from his wife. He has 4 years old daughter and her custody already given to her mom. Here my concern is, is it possible that he visit to her place to meet his daughter?
Or is there any need for hiring a child support lawyer from http://www.harrisfamilylawgroup.com/child-support-... as per my uncle’s suggestion?
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If you do not have a legal separation agreement, but are merely taking time apart to decide whether you want to divorce or stay married, then you should simply call your wife and see if you can arrange to see your daughter once a week. If she says yes, problem solved without an attorney. If she says no, or if you and your wife are committed to divorcing, then you should retain a lawyer, who can help you with finalizing the divorce, coming up with custody and visitation agreements, deciding on child support amounts, and so on. Do not go with an attorney who is mainly involved with child support. You want one who can handle all aspects of legal separation and divorce.