Hi guys,
many things to tell and to share. Emotions overwhelm me. Guess why? we’re already back home with our adopted kid from China. Months of waiting, tons of papers to fill, travels, emotions, hesitations and… it was definitely worth it! My wife and I got ready for welcoming our son home in advance. I hope it will be easy for him to adapt in his new home. I am sure there’ll be a lot of things to share with you as we proceed. If our story is interesting and informative to anyone, I’ll be happy to share my experience with you. Write more the next time when Peng is sleeping.
Have a great day!
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Hello David, thanks for sharing your emotions. I can only imagine how thrilled and excited you’re at the moment. So how were Peng’s first days at his new home? Please tell more about how it all worked for you.
Very interested…
Hello, David. I hope you are enjoying a wonderful day with Peng. Please tell us a little bit more about how it all worked for you. Do you have other children or Peng is your first son? How long did it take to bring him home? I am also thinking about an international adoption, but my dh isn't too much supportive about the idea. Time will show.
Drop a line when you have a free minute.
Hello, ladies. I didn’t even suppose that my thread will arouse such interest. Oh, there’s much to tell you, so please be patient while reading this :-)
Helga, Peng isn’t our first son. My wife and I are already in our late 40s and we have two grown-up kids. Jenny is 23 and Denis is 19. They live separately. Jenny has a fiancé and Denis is a university student. Our life changed greatly when our children left our home. There was a feeling that there was too much space for me and wife. Moreover, we felt like we had enough love, care and warmth to give it to the one who needs it. My wife Lisa was the first one to talk about adoption. We didn’t even hesitate for a while. We started to surf the internet to compile some information about it. Ok, to make a long story short, it took us around 18 months to complete all the procedure. It wasn’t easy, I must admit. But the main thing is that we’re already back home with Peng. He is so curious about everything. He wants to see and to know merely everything in a while. Lisa and I are doing our best to make his adaptation period smooth. He has already met his elder brother and sister. This was the moment I’ll never forget. Jenny and Denis were overwhelmed with emotions. They told us that it was a very wise decision to adopt a kid. They are absolutely supportive about it.
Ok now, have to go. Sorry if I didn’t answer all your questions. I’ll write more the next time.
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Hi, David. Thank you for telling us the details. I see your family is so big. How noble of you to adopt a child, and so great that your elder children supported you in this decision. If you have more love and warmth to give, so why don’t give it to the one who needs it. You didn’t tell how old Peng is. How’s the first week? Any challenges already?
Hope you and yr family are well.
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Oh, this first week wasn’t easy at all, even though it was very touchy and emotional. So many unforgettable moments: Peng met his new relatives, brother and sister, he saw his new house and his own room that was prepared for him in advance. He got so many presents that it seems he never even saw so many toys in the meantime. He now has a dog. They are making up friends with him now. He’s meeting new friends.
This is just an information avalanche for him. We try to spend as much time with him at home as possible. The first challenges arouse as well. Peng is not used to our food so he has constipations often (sorry, for such an intimate detail). My wife tries to feed him with very light food, though. We encountered language barrier. Moreover, he had problems with time zone changing adaptation.
So, you see, this is not easy at all. Even though Peng is already five, it seems to me that we have a newborn: he’s awake at night, he has stomach pain, and sometimes cannot explain what he wants.
I believe these difficulties are circumstantial and we’ll overcome them as soon as possible.
David, it seems to me that you’re so excited in your new status of adoptive parent. You tell about your son with such enthusiasm! I hope his stomach is better now and he got used to new time zone. This might be exhausting. How are you doing now? Any news? I believe that every new day is a new discovery for you now. How’s Peng’s language adaptation going on?
best regards
btw, how do your elder children treat their young brother? did they support your decision to adopt? as far as i understood, they are grow-ups and they might have some prejudice as to your adoption. moreover, they might be jealous.
hi, Helene. Thanks for taking interest. You’re absolutely right that life is a discovery for both Peng and for my wife and me now. Sometimes it seems that life started again on the day Peng entered our house. It acquired new colors and shades. As to my elder children, hopefully enough, they supported us in our decision to adopt and were not jealous at all. Vice versa, they helped us very much with papers, advice and cheering up. It seems to me that they didn’t even concede the idea that they might have a little brother one day. It seems to me that they are absolutely happy. They come here on weekends from time to time and play with Peng. For Denis, this is an extra chance to play remote-control cars and copters:-) ! Jenny is also overwhelmed. She is so attentive and asks: “Does he eat well?”, “did he sleep well today?”, “how’s his stomach?”. This is very sweet of her. Perhaps she also thinks of becoming a mother? Who knows…
another important thing you mentioned – language. well, language barrier is quite a problem for us, I must admit. Peng doesn’t speak English. We don’t speak Chinese. Hopefully we have a Chinese speaking housemaid who helps us communicating and teaches Peng English. My son is so small so I’m sure that this won’t be a problem for him to learn our language. Very soon he’ll speak english fluently, so this is just a temporary inconvenience. Did you have a similar problem or why you’re asking?
Hi everyone who was following this thread. I know that I might seem to be a grumpy old man sometimes. I sometimes get widely criticized for it. I’m not abused by it. yes, I may be tough to handle, but still I’m an experienced and educated man who has the right to have his personal point of view.
I have good news for those who are reading my posts and got interested in my adoption story. For the first time in my life (!), I have started a blog. You see, I’m not that old and I know even what blog is.
My blog is my adoption story and my personal overview of adoption process. I’ll be happy to share experience with those who need it.
Please follow my posts and feel free to comment and pm me.
Sincerely, David.