How do I adopt my new wife's daughter?
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Hi, I hope you can help:

I recently got married and wish to adopt my wife's
daughter. The girl's biological father was never married
to my wife, and in fact broke up with her prior to
the child's birth. His name is on her birth certificate,
but he has played no part in her life to date.

What is the procedure for me to adopt this child. Do
I need to see a lawyer? Do I need the biological father's
consent? Will it take a long time to adopt? Where must I go
(e.g. which government agency)?

There is some urgency to this. Me and my wife are Canadians
living in the US, and just recently got married in the US.
Upon re-entering the US, the child was unable to get
a TD-type visa at the Canadian-US border (I have a TN visa),

The border official stated that i had no proof that she was
my dependant (though I explained to the border official that
I was married to the childs mother, and had the marriage
certificate, etc.)...also the mother (my wife) cannot work
in the US, so clearly she is my dependant, and I would have
thought that her dependant would also be mine.

Supposedly, the child cannot attend
school in the US without a TD visa (I have had conflicting
answers from the INS on this - over the phone they
told me that a TD visa would be granted with a letter
from the biological father stating he had no difficulties
with her accompanying me to the US...the border official
however stated I first would have to adopt the child).

It was my intention to adopt my new daughter all along,
but now I am in a rush so that I can get her into
kindergarten. Please let me know what procedures i should
follow to adopt my wife's daughter.


adopting your wife's daughter
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Even though you are Canadian citizens, I believe you will still be able to use the courts of the state in which you are residing to do a stepparent adoption.

Some states have minimum periods of time in which you must be married before they will process a step parent adoption. You have not indicated in which state you are living, so the best advise would be to have an attorney consultation to find the procedures.

By the way, contact the school she would be attending and ask what they need in the way of paperwork in order to enroll her. I think your wife could enroll her without very much difficulty.
step father adoption
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My husband and I have been married for three years. I have a six year old daughter that he would like to adopt. The birth
father has not had any involvement in my daughter's life. The birth father and I have never been married. He
has not paid any child support. We do not know of his
whereabouts. A year ago, we hired a lawyer to proceed with
adoption. The birth father was presented with a form,
"termination of parental rights". He was in prison at the time. He refused to sign the form. When he was released
from prison, he disappeared again. We would like to know of
our options. We live in Utah. Many lawyers have told us
that my husband cannot adopt my daughter unless the birth
father releases his right of paternity. Any information will
be helpful. Thank you, Lesa.
how does my husband adopt my daughter
Hi I am looking for information on how my husband can adopt my daughter. Her birth father left early on in my pregnancy and i have not had any contact with him since. His name is not on the birth certificate, in fact the space was left blank because he wasn't there to sign the papers. It has been one year since my daughter was born and my husband wishes to adopt her. Can he just sign his name on the birth certificate as the father or do we have to do some other legal paperwork?

Any help would be appreciated

thank you

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