I am really glad I found this website because I have been wanting to find a someone who is open to adopting an adult (me). I know the ideal is to adopt and infant or young child, but I believe there are some people who wish to form bonds of love even if it is with an older child.
About me, I am 26 years old and I grew up with a mother who had some kind of stunted emotional development. Many people who know her well describe her as someone who is like a young child, almost like an 11 or 13 year old, and it was incredibly difficult to grow up with a mother like that (I could never express the distress I have felt accurately in words, so I will not try to do so at length, here). I always wondered why my mother acted so immaturely and why I couldn't have a strong, maternal figure who I respected, who could guide me/teach me things, and who I could depend on. It has been a source of a lot of pain in my life, and although there is not much I can change about my relationship with my birth mother, I am now reaching out to this community to see if there is anyone who has thought about adopting an adult daughter.
Just so you know, I think that my struggles with my mom made me want to be nothing like her, and I worked incredibly hard to try to become a strong, independent and hardworking woman. I actually graduated from an Ivy League university in the top 5% of my class and I am hoping to attend law school in the fall. (I have been accepted! and am waiting on decisions from a few more law schools).
I am also living in New Jersey right now but may move when I go to law school. I am not looking for any financial support of any other form of dependency, and I would not be a residential adoptee, obviously. I am really just looking for someone who has wanted a daughter who I can care for and love as the mother, like I have always wanted. I am also not idealistic--I know no relationship is perfect, but I truly have a lot of love to give to a mother figure and hope that we can support each other and, perhaps, fulfill each other's lives a bit more through this adoption.
If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please email me at
I really look forward to hearing from you, and I am truly glad that I found this community.
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It's so sad that some of us almost share the same pain, but mine is quit different, am 23 yrs with 2girls, my life as a child was like that of an orphan despite of having a mother, most of the time I stayed with strangers and I could wonder, who is my real mother.. For Avery long time ihave wanted and longed to love a mom, but that dream hasn't yet come true, but I pray the one day God can give me amother figure... Email for more information,
Honestly is a blessing they say to have a lovely family , a brother or sister. I have life, I have 4 kids, good career, lovely husband. I couldn't ask for more blessing. But sometimes there is a little hole of question when people tell you how awesome you are and how caring you are and keep praying for you. Then I begin to wonder would I feel complete with a mother brother or sister that see me for just who I am. But the truth remain, I am done trying to fight for a ounce of family love because I am not good enough. I am me and I am loved by people that really care.
But if you are our there and feel like you need a daughter, reach out to me. I still believe there are family out there that will appreciate me for who God have made me to be. I am 36yrs old.
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Hi there it's so sad how some of us end up having this kind of feeling, but it's even more sad when our wishes don't get fulfilled at all, am here writing this and if there is anyone above 35 who feels like she can be a mother figure to Avery simple and down to earth Kenyan girl to try find me at, yes am not that young, but who said only the young ones are the lonely?? Icant compare yes, but even the oldest can have a need of a mother or father, but on my side ihave never had father nor do I want now... thnx alot and also praying for each and everyone here to get what they want, and yes I, its not really a must to be adopted, actually I'dont want that, I just want a mother ican talk to love share with and feel the love, hopefully the gap of loneliness will disappear.
Thnx to everyone here who is out to reach each other through love, I pray for everyone here to find what they're really looking for... If you you are looking for parent or adult daughter /son... May you find each other..... LOVE YOU....
Hi Princess Val, My name is Vanessa and am looking for friendship/possible later adoption of daughter. You may contact me directly at Thanks.
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i'm looking for a mother also who has career i'm 15 years old.. and i really want to go to school but i can't.. can someone adopt me.. i'm a filipino(an asian).. if someone wants to adopt me message me here ( )..
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I am new to this forum. I am an adult with 3 children and soon grandchildren. I have been interested in adopting a young adult but I am not sure how to go about it.... All the posts I started made me seem like I weirdo..... I know everyone wants to adopt babies but I always wanted to adopt someone older who wants a family for LIFE.
We are by no means perfect. My husband works too much (we are both attorneys), I am forgetful. Our other kids are a bit spoiled (I grew up without much so I over indulged them). We are not rich. We have a tiny, tiny house. We love animals. We are extremely liberal and supportive of all lifestyles. We live in New England and believe in investing in education. Where do we find young adults (18 - 30) looking for families?
I posted before -- but forgot to include my email info. I can be reached at
I am a happily married professional seeking to adopt a young adult (or even a young adult with their own kids).
We are by no means perfect. My husband and I are both attorneys. We have 3 children (and soon grandchildren). We are not rich. We have a tiny house. We love animals. We are extremely liberal and supportive of all lifestyles. We live in New England and believe in investing in education.
I believe family is for LIFE so, if we adopt you, you are STUCK WITH US!!
Ihave tried to email you but icant find you, but if you are still looking for a friendly chatt or more pliz contact me
Hi Princess Val, My name is Vanessa and am looking for friendship/possible later adoption of daughter. You may contact me directly at Thanks.