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I am really glad I found this website because I have been wanting to find a someone who is open to adopting an adult (me). I know the ideal is to adopt and infant or young child, but I believe there are some people who wish to form bonds of love even if it is with an older child.
About me, I am 26 years old and I grew up with a mother who had some kind of stunted emotional development. Many people who know her well describe her as someone who is like a young child, almost like an 11 or 13 year old, and it was incredibly difficult to grow up with a mother like that (I could never express the distress I have felt accurately in words, so I will not try to do so at length, here). I always wondered why my mother acted so immaturely and why I couldn't have a strong, maternal figure who I respected, who could guide me/teach me things, and who I could depend on. It has been a source of a lot of pain in my life, and although there is not much I can change about my relationship with my birth mother, I am now reaching out to this community to see if there is anyone who has thought about adopting an adult daughter.
Just so you know, I think that my struggles with my mom made me want to be nothing like her, and I worked incredibly hard to try to become a strong, independent and hardworking woman. I actually graduated from an Ivy League university in the top 5% of my class and I am hoping to attend law school in the fall. (I have been accepted! and am waiting on decisions from a few more law schools).
I am also living in New Jersey right now but may move when I go to law school. I am not looking for any financial support of any other form of dependency, and I would not be a residential adoptee, obviously. I am really just looking for someone who has wanted a daughter who I can care for and love as the mother, like I have always wanted. I am also not idealistic--I know no relationship is perfect, but I truly have a lot of love to give to a mother figure and hope that we can support each other and, perhaps, fulfill each other's lives a bit more through this adoption.
If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please email me at
I really look forward to hearing from you, and I am truly glad that I found this community.
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I am 17 years old,a girl,I have a mum but she isn't close to me,we don't even talk or have discussions like mother daughter,I haven't really felt a motherly true love,I just need to be loved in my life,if you are interested in giving me that parental love please email me; my father left when I was 7, please if you are interested email me and God bless you
Hi Jean,
I came here because I was looking for the same thing. I found your post and was wondering if you had any luck? I am pretty much all alone and I would love to have a family to talk with and spend time with, especially during the holidays.
Hi I’m 18 year’s old boy.
I have brown hair and brown-black eye and handsome face and I can speak 3 languages but I want to put myself for adoption because my parents are getting divorce for sixth time again and nobody pay attention to me they even don’t prepare food or buy for me any clothes and I have to cook food and clean the house and wash their clothes everyday it’s like I’m maidservant not their own son and I for nine years I don’t have 1$ and they even let me go to work I have no friends I just talk to my cousin because they didn’t allow me see my school friends
And because since I was a little child they had bad fight all the time I get Tongue tie for 11 years and students in my class make fun of me all the time and I too shamed to even go to the school and I carry all night’s about it but now it’s gone
I even want to buy a dog they didn’t allow me they said pets are untouchable and unclean
And very sad and unbelievable things happened one of them it’s my father bring hocker in home when my mom isn’t home and my mam shows up early and they fight to dead I'm broken from inside I never fell my father love I don't even know what is having pattens likes when I was child i was crying so my father locked me in our dark shower
And I thinking to kill myself now because my dad sell our house and I homeless I live with my cousin right know in over city because my parents are divorced people think I'm loser and weak so two boys in park try to hurt and sexual aggression me
So please a very good kind and lovely family or person adopt me please
Pleaseee a very good kind and lovely family or person adopt me
I am looking for a family to adopt me. I'm 32 with 3 children and a husband. We don't have family who is involved in our lives. Location is east tx.
I too am looking for a mother figure for my life. My parents live about 30 minutes away from me and my 2 kids, but they are suffering from mental illnesses and drug addictions. I have a huge void in my heart and struggle with feeling lonely when I have no female figures to talk to my kids about to.
Hi Sarah... I would love to talk more to you about this... I'm widowed and no longer have any family members and would love the opportunity to have a family to love in my life. I'm looking for a daughter about your age who has kids... I adore kids and would also love to have grand kids in my life... please accept my friend request so we can message further. Stormy :)
I'm 33 and have pretty much no family, It should be a pretty big family, but I am the black sheep and always ignored. It is deeper rooted then what I'm posting, but I realize I will never have a true family, just this Christmas it was by far the worst/emotional one thus far, its unfortunate because I'm such a positive person with great energy, but Its almost as I do not exist. That is all the info I'm am willing to divulge at this time, but lets connect if you have an instinct feeling about my post, and to those that need someone to talk to leave me your info, we are most likely all on or around the same page. Please don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you.
Hello, my name is Kami Everitt and I want to adopt an adult son or daughter. I am not rich and I only have love to give. I think it would be just wonderful if I could cook dinner for my son or daughter, have family game night, just do the things that families do. I am 39 years old and I live in Upstate New York. I have a very long and heartbreaking story so if anybody is interested I would love to get to know you and tell you my story. I just want to be able to love somebody and take care of them like I think a mom should. Please, if this sounds like anybody contact me at or you can just contact me I'm here. Thank you
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Hey ,
I think my parents want to put me outside at 18 yrs so in a few months. Don't know what to do with my life ...
I have good grades, do sport , help my mother with housekeeping but they hate me them and my Brothers . I wanted to kill myself but I don't think this is the solution .
I am just researching for a parent and mentor . I want to succès in life and show them that I can do better with out them .
I live in Paris France and go to a international school . I really would love to have parents or father or mother who would help me through life and give me love .
It is really the first time I write on a site or anything and I don't want to sound ridiculous but I want to change life .
If you can contact me : lakhvir singh from punjab my age is 20 and im belong midale class family but i want someone sponcer someone help me with my future 10 time try to join indian army but last exam time im fail verry sad for my life some time my mind say me i kill my self but some time i think bigger and best dream is i was going to UFC chmapion any time fighting anyone but this is not father is deed 2000. So my mom only one careing three children me and my bro sis english is week becze i was study in govt skul of india ....i requst u plz adopt verry good boy ..nd im verry careing who adopt me ..but one condition my gardien bahiver like my mom .nd im life time spoting who one adopt me..My gmail
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It's so sad that some of us almost share the same pain, but mine is quit different, am 23 yrs with 2girls, my life as a child was like that of an orphan despite of having a mother, most of the time I stayed with strangers and I could wonder, who is my real mother.. For Avery long time ihave wanted and longed to love a mom, but that dream hasn't yet come true, but I pray the one day God can give me amother figure... Email for more information,