I am really glad I found this website because I have been wanting to find a someone who is open to adopting an adult (me). I know the ideal is to adopt and infant or young child, but I believe there are some people who wish to form bonds of love even if it is with an older child.
About me, I am 26 years old and I grew up with a mother who had some kind of stunted emotional development. Many people who know her well describe her as someone who is like a young child, almost like an 11 or 13 year old, and it was incredibly difficult to grow up with a mother like that (I could never express the distress I have felt accurately in words, so I will not try to do so at length, here). I always wondered why my mother acted so immaturely and why I couldn't have a strong, maternal figure who I respected, who could guide me/teach me things, and who I could depend on. It has been a source of a lot of pain in my life, and although there is not much I can change about my relationship with my birth mother, I am now reaching out to this community to see if there is anyone who has thought about adopting an adult daughter.
Just so you know, I think that my struggles with my mom made me want to be nothing like her, and I worked incredibly hard to try to become a strong, independent and hardworking woman. I actually graduated from an Ivy League university in the top 5% of my class and I am hoping to attend law school in the fall. (I have been accepted! and am waiting on decisions from a few more law schools).
I am also living in New Jersey right now but may move when I go to law school. I am not looking for any financial support of any other form of dependency, and I would not be a residential adoptee, obviously. I am really just looking for someone who has wanted a daughter who I can care for and love as the mother, like I have always wanted. I am also not idealistic--I know no relationship is perfect, but I truly have a lot of love to give to a mother figure and hope that we can support each other and, perhaps, fulfill each other's lives a bit more through this adoption.
If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please email me at
I really look forward to hearing from you, and I am truly glad that I found this community.
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I am Dulanjalee,
I'm a 17 years girl who is looking for a lovely mom and dad. Who can educate me. I have my mom she is playfully having affairs with some men's. So in this situation she never gives me money to learn and she never cares about me.
In this case my dad is a boiler operator in a apparel. He is the one who provide me money for my living cost and everything. I am not shy to ask someone to adopt me. Because I am a poor girl who is struggling to study without money. So if one of a family can adopt me as their child I'll promise to call them mama and dada.
Please give me a hand to stand up so I can be an obedient child who always listen to their parents. If a lovely mother and father is interested in me please let me know.
Here is my mail-
Thank you for taking your time to read this.
You have a beautiful name. Have you found the mother figure you are looking for? If you need someone who is supportive and understands I think you would find me to be a mother figure that is supportive, and encouraging as well as nurturing and protective. I am an artist and a designer. I am actually preparing to return to college for my law degree so I can do even more work in advocacy, especially for accessibility and equal treatment for disabled individuals and for LGBT individuals, as these are issues close to my heart due to my own experiences and those of family members. I would welcome the opportunity to talk with you further.
Hi there! My name is Destiny. I’m 18 years old. I was born in Georgia, I now live in NC. I’m looking for a mother figure, I’m in desperate need. I’m not open to sharing my background with the world but if someone is willing to be a mother figure to me I’ll tell you all about it. I’m in the LGBT community, I’m bisexual. So it would be very nice to have someone supportive in my life as I have no one in my corner.
Hi I am Dulanjalee.
I am 17 and I am a girl. I have both my mom and dad they both were separated so I'd like to see a nice family which can adopt me lovely.ߘ
My dad is really trying hard to teach me but he doesn't have enough money to educate me. So I love if some parents can adopt me and educate me. I'm really obedient and kind hearted. I can be with any person corporately.
If you would like me please mail me,
Thank you. And I am from Sri Lanka.
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Hello, my name is Eleanor, and I'm 25 years old (I'll be 26 at the end of this year).
I was actually adopted at 16 months by my family, who are great, but I've been having some conflict with them for the past 8 months. I have a severe eating disorder as well as depression and anxiety, so I'm trying to work through that and am doing some different treatments. I was in a relationship but it failed due to my mental health.
I found this site, but it seems to be just for the U.S. I'm actually in Canada, so if anyone here (probably a far cry) is from Canada or anywhere else and would be interested in being sort of a mother figure/support, you're welcome to email me! My email is:
It would be lovely if we could chat about things! I just find that my family doesn't really understand me, and I don't have many friends (most I have are moving away/already moved). I just want to feel that sense of someone being protective in a motherly way, and someone who understands mental health (if you understand eating disorders even better!)
I'm not looking for financial support or anything, just emotional and mental support :) I've had a rough go, and don't really know who to turn to.
Thanks for reading.
Have a lovely day/night, wherever you are!
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My name’s Lexi I’m 18 old and I’m from the Philippines. I’m looking for someone to adopt me as my parents are separated; my dad abandoned me and my mom when I was little. My mom has a fiancé but I dont like him. He is verbally abusive. He also battered my mom in front of me and my half brother when we were little and he hurt me physically when I was in 7th grade that I had to go back to my grandmother. My grandmother can no longer provide for me and once wanted me out of her house. Financial support isnt the reason why I’m here. I’m here because ever since I was little, I’ve always wanted to move out of my country. I can’t be myself here. I was diagnosed with clinical depression 2 years ago and committed suicide couple times. I don’t feel loved and my relatives are jealous of me. I don’t know where to go and what to do anymore. I took a gap year from school to focus on recovering since I have depression. I don’t feel like I belong here. I am cheerful, passionate, loving, caring, spontaneous, adventurous. I like to sing, draw and play the guitar.
I only kept it short and simple.
If you want to get to know me or know more about me, kindly send me an e-mail
Hello, I am 28 from the UK south wales looking for a new family. I've had it pretty rough been in foster care when I was 12 and have been emotionally neglected all my life. I currently live with my dad and he doesn't want me to do anything with my life apart from staying on benefits and I don't want that.
About me:
Height 6ft 2"
Wears glasses
Addicted to gaming
Very timid
Young looking
Loves music
My email address is I hope that someone that's willing to take me will read this all I want is a loving family environment and parents that are not afraid to discipline if I do something wrong. I need stability and emotional support.
Hi I'm alfadzrie asakil I'm 16 year old male and I live in Philippines I just want a parent a happy family and a good life I want you to adopt me because I'm really sad for my future career and life i don't know it's a long story but I can be part of your family.if you want to talk to me just email
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Anyone willing to be my mom, am 26 from Kenya and all I need is afriendly person, not necessarily to be adopted... My email contact me on
I'm really happy that I found this website because I wanted to find someone who is open to adopting an adult aka me. I know normally adoption is about adopting an infant or a young child. Though I believe there are some individuals who wish to form bonds of love and care even if it's with an older child. Soo..
Hi there! My name is Glenda and I’m 16 old (turning 17 next month) and I’m a Filipino but I was born here in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I’m looking for someone to adopt me as my parents are separated; my dad abandoned me and my mom when I was just 2 years old. And my mom works as a helper here in Saudi. Financial support isn't the reason why I’m here. I’m here because ever since I was little, I’ve always wanted to move out of my country. I can’t be myself here. I am currently at 12th grade so I will be going to college after I graduate but going to college isn't really on my plan right now since I don't think I can afford it. But I just honestly want someone who I can be fully comfortable with and a mother figure, I guess I am in desperate need. I’m not open to sharing my background with the world but if someone is willing to be a mother figure to me I am willing to tell you all about it. I am a pretty shy type kind of person at first but I'm really a spontaneous, a loving & caring, passionate and adventurous person deep inside. I also love playing and learning instruments such as the guitar, bass, piano, ukulele, and drums.
Please contact me here:
Thanks for reading.
Have a lovely day/night, wherever you are!
Hi Guys,
am really really happy that i found a community like this where i can tell anyone to adopt me as his/her son. i believe i god, so the parents. i know am older to be taken for adoption.
about me,am from India, am Lucky, means am not really lucky, my name is Lucky(my nick one). am 25 years old. i grew up having no one around me, rather than some slum people where i raised. After getting older i got to know a thing in my life that how a good educated family can matter for a child for its future.
i started to work for my career when i was at the age of 10 i guess. each and everyday i remember of my life from the time i was properly able to understand our society, people, environment. I always miss a guide in my life, like a mother or father. Who can taught me how i can build myself in this selfish society. But am not that lucky.
By myself i learn so many things and you cant even imagine that now am a UI/UX Designer(Free Lancer) with any qualification or certification. Am having some curiosity to learn things so that i can do better for my future. But always i have a huddle, and that is a family, who can support me in anyway.
am living in Bangalore, India. working as a delivery boy. having some dreams in my eyes. wanting a family. want to take care of my parents. want to live the moment i never got in life. in sort i need a super family who can addopt me.
i rather believe that no one is perfect in their life. but having love, care, affection , man those feelings i just want to feel.
i will be so so happy if anyone adopt me, i cant even express that feeling.
I will wait for someone's reply.
contact me on mail :-
or in Whatsapp : +917008967182
My name is Eren. I live in Turkey. I am 14 years old. When I was a baby, my parents gave me to the orphanage. and staying in the orphanage. Education is very difficult in my country. I can't call anybody a mom or dad because I'm too young. My father died in an occupational accident in 2015. My mother still didn't want me, so I had to stay in an orphanage. I'm in high school 1. The economy is very low here and I don't know what to do alone. I know English at intermediate level. But if you want to adopt me as a son, I will learn in the language of your country. I'm the one who loves to read and knows how to sing. It would be nice to have a breakfast with you because I don't have a family. I'm dark, tall. Please don't leave me alone, the orphanage is a very bad place.
Email '
Please take me to your family
Hi Carol
Did you ever find that mother figure?
Best wishes
I am looking to adopt s mother. I am 47 years old, married with a husband and 2 amazing kids aged 10 and 14.
Despite years of me trying and mots of heartache my own mother doesnt make sny effort with us
I live near Glasgow and would've to have a caring mum and gran in our lives.
Hi I am charles from Africa and 27 of ageI am looking for parents to adopt me as their child.i am humble and down to earth level and also have lots of ambitions and love is the greatest thing of all. is my email and I will be glad to hear from you.
Hello! I’m 22 years old female. I’m looking for a family to adopt me . If anyone interested please let me know :)
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