I am really glad I found this website because I have been wanting to find a someone who is open to adopting an adult (me). I know the ideal is to adopt and infant or young child, but I believe there are some people who wish to form bonds of love even if it is with an older child.
About me, I am 26 years old and I grew up with a mother who had some kind of stunted emotional development. Many people who know her well describe her as someone who is like a young child, almost like an 11 or 13 year old, and it was incredibly difficult to grow up with a mother like that (I could never express the distress I have felt accurately in words, so I will not try to do so at length, here). I always wondered why my mother acted so immaturely and why I couldn't have a strong, maternal figure who I respected, who could guide me/teach me things, and who I could depend on. It has been a source of a lot of pain in my life, and although there is not much I can change about my relationship with my birth mother, I am now reaching out to this community to see if there is anyone who has thought about adopting an adult daughter.
Just so you know, I think that my struggles with my mom made me want to be nothing like her, and I worked incredibly hard to try to become a strong, independent and hardworking woman. I actually graduated from an Ivy League university in the top 5% of my class and I am hoping to attend law school in the fall. (I have been accepted! and am waiting on decisions from a few more law schools).
I am also living in New Jersey right now but may move when I go to law school. I am not looking for any financial support of any other form of dependency, and I would not be a residential adoptee, obviously. I am really just looking for someone who has wanted a daughter who I can care for and love as the mother, like I have always wanted. I am also not idealistic--I know no relationship is perfect, but I truly have a lot of love to give to a mother figure and hope that we can support each other and, perhaps, fulfill each other's lives a bit more through this adoption.
If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please email me at
I really look forward to hearing from you, and I am truly glad that I found this community.
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I am also looking for a mother figure, someone strong willed, opinionated, loving, caring and dominant. If anyone reading this thinks they fit the needs that i have then please contact me. I have lots of love to give am loyal, logical and hold a wide range of knowledge on many subjects including but not limited to law, accountancy, first aid, education, DIY, some games, martial arts.
I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place but I couldn't figure out where else to do this. My name is Chleo and I'm 28. I'm looking for a family to adopt me in Georgia. I never had a dad. And my mother abused and controlled me as a child. She doesn't love me. She has finally stole my children from me when she sought custody from the court. I haven't heard from her and she won't respond to me. I haven't seen my children. This is the ultimate evil and I realize I want to be adopted. I've never had a family that loves and cares about me. Please contact me and we can talk more if you feel drawn. My email is
i'm 22 year old girl from India. i read all the messages and i'm feeling the same problem of ignorance .i have my family .i have elder brother in my family but i always feel neglected from my parents ,they love their son and always control me , i feel such feeling from my childhood .many time i feel that i should run away and leave my family but at that time i feel that i'm not matured that's why i never take that step but now i m adult and think maturely. but my thinking about my parents's partiality doesn't change . i also think many time that i want someone who love me like a mom or dad . now i changed my mind . now i wanted to be a successful lady so that i can adopt a girl who is facing the same situation like me . i know how it feels when your parents love only to his son not daughter . i want the good wishes from you all. just prey for me that i can do what i have dream for . i can not see any girl surviving like me nd also want to give advice to you all . please be a person who can adopt child instead of being adopted because there are more child than parents .
I live in an abusive situation, I really need help please just read this or share
On top of what is written above here I will say more about me in this
(sorry, I struggle to write long and might have to divide everything in parts including research right now due to dealing with my health and, yes, might have been slow in this process but I’m still committed to find my family)
As I mentioned my biological parents are mentally ill, they had a terrible life, bad life circumstances and traumas they don't acknowledge because they had to fight a lot to work and survive. My father was put in an orphanage where he remained until he aged out at 15 and started to go to work. Neither of my parents had the chance to go to high school, like many other people here in Italy that were born around that time and with that post-war misery. My mother was raised by a single mother (due to her father being sick and then dying) with two sisters. Her mother started working during elementary school and her parents had her drop out of elementary school in third grade (They had 9 kids) So my mother lived with a mother that would work hard cleaning houses and left her and my two aunts home alone to go work since the age of two. My mother always recalls that she accidentally hit her head once as a child or teen and her mother didn't bring her to the hospital to get her checked. She just didn't know she should. She didn't have opportunities, she didn't even finished elementary school. Both of my parents were raised with violence, my father in the orphanage and my mother with her mother and sisters. Those were times were people struggled a lot, that's how they were raised, with their parents being violent, not knowing how to deal or educate someone different than you (your child), giving children "the belt", that would leave marks. Elena Ferrante represents the reality of those times very well, in her bestsellers. I don't know how those times were in any other place in the world, but I'm very interested in ASL and deaf culture, and know, that sadly there was a lot of violence in schools in America when deaf kids would use their hands to even attempt to sign. And they were forced to speak, the teachers would physically block their hands so they wouldn't sign. That's hartbreaking and devastating to say the least.
I was raised with physical violence as the norm. I received a lot of it, from both but especially from my mother, on top of "just" hitting me, I had her hands on my throat and was blocked to the ground many times, I still have a tooth that was chipped/a part of it broke (it is still that way, it is visible)? sorry for my English, as a result of being smashed against a radiator. All of this has went on since I have memory of it. My father would work for the family, including weekends and holiday, and in my childhood it was mostly me and her. On top of this, another type of abuse went on. Before having me, my mother had two miscarriages, in fact my parents had me late.I'm an only child, I will be 25 in April and they are 69 (male) and almost 62 (female). Because of this, my mother suffered (but never got any help for it, I don't think she ever even acknowledge that) from something that I now recognize and think of it as a psychological pregnancy. So on top of violence, she also used to try to "make me go back in her belly". She also once had her hands on my throat when I was in the hospital and had just had an epidural and a knee surgery (I was 15) Despite the physical abuse stopped in the past two years, since my health got worse, the verbal one is still very much present.
Since I last posted my ad, I tutor a girl in English conversation (from home) once a week, I have worked 4 years in London as I wrote in my post so that's where my English comes from. As of now I can't do more than that, but with time, I also hope to translate from bed. A friend from Taiwan who is a professional translator suggested lots of useful sites like Amara, Rev, etc. And I try to dedicate whatever time I can with my health, time after time, to do the (at least) two sample translations that are required by Amara in order to apply for a translator position with them. I've been told once you apply you can choose how many hours a week you can work. That would be the perfect job for me (so I'm now working on acing those two translations) and will give me the opportunity to save money for myself, as I said I'd love to go back to study and take my High school diploma (at least, but If I have the opportunity to even college classes, university, etc, I'm a geek and love studying and learning constantly.) I would love to adopt one day, when I'm in a stable and long term relationship and with a stable job, but let's not think that far ahead, one thing at a time. :)
As I wrote in my post I know I might not be the easiest pick and have to be honest and upfront with/in that and that is due to and that I cost money but I’m committed to earn things, to give back love, and to work as much as my disability allows to pay for my online studying so I’m being honest in every single reason I want to be adopted: abusive home and situation, wanting to give myself, a better future, people to call family and love, trust, getting to know each other and see if a bond is formed, to learn everything that means to be a family. I know it won’t heal my present and past wounds and I still have work to do in therapy to heal from my trauma and the mental health it brought me, but I’m determined to do so and not to give up on it and myself, ever.
If you think this adoption can be difficult for your family, it is ok, again, I totally get it, no hard feelings, I understand and I thank you very much for “just” reading this, it really means the world to me.
Otherwise, if you think you might like to read and see more about me (I’m an open book) I’m on social media: Facebook Vanessa Tanini, IG vanessatanini, Twitter @EBroLifts_ .
I’m not gonna hide that when you google my name a old but still open gofundme will also be there (in which I explain ehlers danlos syndrome and its comorbidities further, public health and public health waiting, the fact that eds doesn't have universal treatment, that is not as rare as they think it is but still rarely diagnosed, like Professor Grahame said it is the most neglected disease in the history of modern medicine, thankfully is not the worse and I'm really grateful for that, he didn't mean to say it is the worst at all, just that it is the most neglected, and if you have any question the ehlers danlos society is the best resource so far or you could ask me). I’m sincere in the fact that I'm not mentioning my gofundme for any other reason than just telling you that is also one thing that might come up when you google my name to check that I'm a real person. I like to write and do activism on social media when I can and I love to raise awareness on any topic I found my way, that's one more fact about me.
If you think you would like to talk and start getting to know each other, through emails, calls, videocalls I’m all for it.
Thanks either way, for listening, and if you and your family are already complete, all my congratulations, blessing, and love. I understand.
I don't know if this website does the uk I'm 18 and I've left care and am now on my own and I'm looking for a mother figure as I never wanted to be by myself I just wanted a mum a bit of a fun mum who's caring and maybe still a little young don't know really how to use this website ??
Dear Kelly, have you any interest in coming to America?
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My hear is heavy when i think or say this out loud. But I need a Mother figure :( I am 32 soon to be 33yrs and my own biological mother preferred a pedophile instead of me. I do not know where my biological father is and I feel sometimes lost and unwanted.
Dear Carolyn, I'm so sorry your mother did not protect you and love you and put your safety, mental health, and welfare above her own needs and insecurities by choosing to be with an evil being. Please please let your heart know, tell her for me, that it was not because of you, it was because of her own mental damage. It had nothing to do with how fantastically wonderful you were and are. No child, NO CHILD, should ever have to think the thoughts you printed. Those are thoughts that do not belong in a child's head. You were a wonderful child. You loved, you had creativity and ideas to share. You had empathy. You were perfect, and you are perfectly wonderfully you. I pray that God warms your heart up good and toasty warm. And you feel all the love of the world wrap their arms around you and tell you these things are true. God bless Carolyn for surviving-that took a lot of hard hard work. Merry Christmas dear Carolyn and may you have the Happiest New Year yet!
I’m a 47 year old woman raised in the Midwest who is looking to adopt an adult male or female age 18-25. I missed the boat with having a child and would love to share my life with an adult that can become my son or daughter. I have a ton of love, wisdom, compassion, care and consideration I would love to share with someone but don’t have the lifestyle to support a baby adoption At the present time
Hi Frankie,
Are you male or female? Your post says you're a woman but on your wall it says you are male. I'm interested in talking to you further but I'm not 18 - 25. My situation is very similar to what you describe for yourself & I also missed out on having my own children unfortunately. On top of that I'm un-married and recently also found myself without any remaining immediate family members at all, due to an accident resulting in early deaths, parent is left, but in a nursing home with dementia. I'm looking for some type of family connections who I can share life with as well and would just like to talk to you further about your post. How can I contact you privately? I don't know how this website works very well.
I’m a 47 year old woman raised in the Midwest who is looking to adopt an adult male or female age 18-25. I missed the boat with having a child and would love to share my life with an adult that can become my son or daughter. I have a ton of love, wisdom, compassion, care and consideration I would love to share with someone but don’t have the lifestyle to support a baby adoption At the present time
Although I was by my single mother ,I've never experience what's like to be in normal family , especially a father figure my dad was never there and it kinda sucks ... So I'll love to be in a loving family who wants to adopt Internationally bcause I wanna live in USA to pursue my dream of becoming an Actress but I do want a family where there's: Love, fun family time , a wonderful dad, support, good night kisses, vacations,dinner eaten together, fun Christmas moment, game nights ...
I know I'm already 18 but I crave for those things ...... Here's my email :
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Hello, my mother passed away three years ago. I am 45 , happily married , three kids.
I just miss having a mom.... someone who is wise, caring, emotionally available to talk to, and also care about her, and entertain her... abd tell her interesting stories, just like I used to do with my mom. even just online.
If you are over 60, , and got some time to share, and want to be loved and cherished, please write to me
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Is anyone still looking for an adult to adopt? i am a 21 years old female. My father is hardly here anymore and my mother tortures me every single day. im not sure how long i can take it anymore. Please help.
I am looking for a family/Mom to be a mom to me, I dont have parents and I never really have. I just want to know what its like to have a mom to talk to, go out with, and spend time with. I am a 22 year old female.
I’m 25 years old , and I’m looking for a mother figure . I’m from NYC and I would like someone that can be like a mom to me .
Hi, I know most people adopt others at a young age. I always wished a loving family would rescue me from my troubled family. I am now grown up 40 and I always dreamed with feeling the love of a mother, her love, her kisses, her protection and the way a mom makes you feel like you’re their everything. I had such a horrible childhood that my mind at some point just went blank, all I remember is being abused but physically and emotionally and the sleepless nights I wished someone would take me away. I now as adult still wished I had memories of a loving family, a loving mom and dad. I wished since a child I had a mom I could talk to about things, girls, school and She would guide me through the hard times. I’m a very loving guy, non smoker, I don’t drink, kind, affectionate and a law abiding citizen. I want to feel I belong, loved and wanted by a loving caring family or a single parent either mom or dad. Maybe you never had kids and miss that special bond and love. I want to give someone love as much as they give me. My life has been a nightmare and one day if lucky to find someone I want to tell you all about it. I lived in a household full of arguments, violence, abuse and that made it impossible for me to have a normal life. I have struggled to make a life on my on because I had no one to guide me and support me. I was out in the streets trying to earn a few dollars to survive and had no help or the loving support of parents to go to college and get an education. I managed to finish high school going to both morning and evening classes to finish early because I didn’t really want to be home. My parents would constantly fight and I would end up being beaten for being in the middle of it. It’s a very sad situation for a teenager with big dreams but that soon had to realize that I wouldn’t get where I wanted to in life. I’m a hard worker and a quick learner but things have not been great. I’m posting this to see if maybe a loving kind soul would want me as their son. Maybe you have your own business and want someone to show the trade to or you just want this boy a reason to finally smile and feel loved. I live in California to give you an idea of where I’m . I want that special bond of love. I want to be someone’s reason to smile and feel loved back. I’m not well of financially and if you’re great if not great too I will love you just as much. I just want to feel loved, feel that someone’s proud of me and I mean the world to them. Please adopt me an open your heart to me, I’m a very loving person who will care for you as much as you’d care for me.❤️