1987, APRIL 16th. A blonde headed blue eyed baby girl was born at Piedmont Medical Center in ROCK HILL SC. Her birthmother had been living at THE LORDS FAMILY TREE, a home for unwed mothers. The home was owned by Westminster Presbyterian Church in Rock Hill SC. The un wed mothers attended church at Westminster. The birthmother was 16 years old. She had been living with her grandmother in or around Rock Hill/Fort Mill/Tega Cay. She moved into the home for unwed mothers with less than a month left in her pregnancy. The BM had 2 sisters they were 21 and 24 in 1987. The BM mother was 45 and the BM father passed away at the age of 42 from heart related issues.
The birth father was 18 and a Freshman at USC. The BF mother was deceased, and the BF father was 60 years old in 1987. Both of the BF grandmothers died at the age of 67---one of the grandmothers was a volunteer at a hospital where she contracted HEPATITIS that caused her death. One of the BF grandfathers was 90 in 1987 and lived in a nursing home. The other BF grandfather died in an accident. The BF had 2 sisters and they were 35 and 39 in 1987
Rachel Harley was placed for adoption and picked up at PMC five days later by her parents.
Attorney Dale Dove and a nurse were there when Mr & Mrs Harley picked up their daughter. Rachel is now a 29 year old woman with 2 children of her own. Her parents are supportive in her search for her biological parents. Rachel wants her medical back ground. She wants to know where she came from. She does not question the WHY? Rachel has always understood her birth mother was young and made the best choice she could for Rachel and she appreciates that choice her birthmother made. She has wonderful, loving parents. Share the post about Rachel. Call/Text 803 322 6148 (Mandi) ****
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