Hello...first let me say I am new to this! My husband and I have been married for 5 years in June and have a total of 3 kids 1 from me 1 from him and 1 together. My husband has been in my son's life since he was a little under 1 (he will be 7 in july) my soon calls him dad but is aware he is not his bio dad. His bio dad has not seen him in. 5 years currently has a body attachment wanted for him for failure to pay child support he is in the arrears $6000 for my son and $15,000 in arrears for another kid he had while we were seperated. He made 1 payment when he found out about the body attachment and another payment once my attorney sent him the letter stating ask for consent(totaling $160+60). Of course he refused to consent but knows nothing about my son his medical needs and hasn't seen him since before he could speak. My son wouldn't know him if he saw him ! We filed last week and now we are waiting for the show cause order my attorney said he wouldn't have taken the case if he didn't think we could win. Does any one have support or thought s for me in regards to our case I'm terrified. Our son lives an amazing life with us to have to deal with custody or visitation would mess with my baby's mind .
We have Friends with 3 older Kids whose Dad sounds similar...
I don't think that you have a ' contestment ' yet please??
Our Friends ' Dad terminated his Parental Rights ' Wholeheartedly ' . When he realized or by realizing the other Dad is a more involved in Parenting process, and is in fact a better Parent than he is??
If it were me and my Attorney also. I would definitely Advocate what is in the Best Interests of my Children.
Forcing any Relationship at this point in time would Psychologically and Emotionally Harm and Damage your son also!!
I would give your son's Dad and your ex every opportunity possible to do this on his own Advocacy!!
He refused to consent prior to us filing now that we have filed we are currently on day 18 of our 30 day wait for his objection he waited until the very last day the first time so I'm assuming he will do it again! My ex likes to have control over things and be difficult he had every opportunity to attempt to reach out after being served but didn't he truly doesn't care ! My husband is the only father my son knows and loves so everyone has been living pretty normal except myself I am terrified he will contest and we will have to fight but no contact for almost 6 yrs and being behind $6100 for my son and $16,000 for another child he shows he can't provide for the children be brings into the world ! My nerves are shot over this!