We have a 3 year old and his half brother who is 11 months old ......we brought the baby home from the hospital.....mom is not in the picture....dad showed up after about 6 months to court hearing after getting out of prison for domestic violence against the mother of the baby and his own mother.....they gave him 6 months of services which our adoption worker has said he is making a half hearted attempt to get the baby back.....he is now after some time doing classes and has made every visitation....he has no job and no home to take baby to.....we learned they are going to offer another 6 months of services to him.... What are the chances he will get the baby back?
If he's doing anything, they'll give him more time. For him to get the baby, he would have to go with supervised, then unsupervised visits.
In most states, the entire Advocacy is reunification with the Birth Family under the age of 8 years old.....
In California statistics show that the chances are fifty/fifty that reunification will occur and another fifty/fifty that the child will not be returned to the system. I don't know for other states, but that could serve as a guideline. They will keep giving the dad services as long as he seems to be trying. The domestic violence thing is a big deal and may be insurmountable even if the dad completes everything. On the other hand, there could be family members who pop up. It is really hard to say and entirely dependent on the judge.