Adoption was private through Jackson County DSS. Ann Cabe was social worker. I was adopted by James and Nancy Franklin from Sylva,NC. My amended BC says i was born 7-30-71 at CJ Harriss Hospital but im not sure if that was on there because thats where my adoptive parents are from. My Birth Mom was 22 years old. She was average height 5'3-5'4, brown hair, average weight, Both her parents were still alive and in good health at time of birth. Birth Mom had a child out of wedlock before me thats why she gave me up. She also had a brother drown a year or so before i was born. she met BF while worker in Georgia, i think, but he had no knowledge of me. He had red hair and i think his family was from another state too. Birth Mom family was of Baptist faith. Birth Mom has epilepsy. Her family were also dairy farmers. If anyone can help me or has more info on this please contact me. Female born 7-30-71 Sylva NC