Hi all,
I am studying the adoption process in Wisconsin in the 1970s for adoptees that are born between 1962 and 1987. I couldn't find much documentation for the adoption process in this period, will really appreciate if anyone in this forum could point me to some official resources to find more information for the following questions:
1) I found that most of the adoptions in Wisconsin in the 1970s were done through adoption agencies, particularly through religious organizations. How did the Wisconsin adoption agencies in the 1970s choose the adoptive families for the child? Is there any information on the specific criteria/characteristics that they used to access whether the adoptive families' environment fit the child?
2) Did adoptive parents have the right to reject/select the type of child they wanted in the 70s in Wisconsin? Or the adoptive agencies had the full right to select the child for the adoptive parents.
3) For birth parents who decided to give their child for adoption, how did they select the adoption agencies to help assign their child to the right adoptive families?
Any information/resources on these questions will be much appreciated. Thank you so much!