Just throwing this thought out there: There are lots of us who, with various degrees of sacrifice, can actually pay for adoptions. How ethical is it to ask for stranger to help cover those costs? I mean, if it would create hardship as far as going into debt, do you think it's ok to raise the fund on a campaign from strangers' donations?
Nobody has to donate if they don't want to. Our last adoption we didn't fundraise until the end when things had moved much faster than we anticipated so yes, we were in dire need! I felt like we both had decent jobs so we couldn't ask. People were so happy to help and so generous. This time we still have debt from that adoption so we are fundraising from the beginning. Again, nobody has to give. If the money isn't there we can re-use some of our debt from the last one, and then hope the rest works out! People crowdfund for digging a hole and making a sandwich, this is much better in my opinion.
Many people are happy to play a role in helping families come together through adoption. If you need a little help with the costs, crowdfunding can be a way to allow others to play a part in your story