My name is Alexei Anatolyevitch Mironchikov and I was born in Penza, Russia on September 24th, 1996 in Semashko City Hospital. I am adopted by USA citizens, and have never made any contact with my birth parents or anyone correlating to my adoption. Since the day of my adoption I go by an American given name. Just recently, a strong desire to search for them stirred within me and I acquired most of the documents involved with my birth and adoption. I have so much information now that I feel like this will be easy. However, it isn't. Even with statements giving me general information about both my birth parents, I still don't know where to begin to look since the internet is a maze of sources and websites. Also, when I search for either of my birth parents names, Google shows me 0 search results. I'm just a guy looking for his parents in hopes that I will one day either speak to them and hug them as I thank them for their decision to give me away in hopes I will have a better life, or I wish to stand at the place they are buried at so I can be with them one last time. I know this is just one thread in the masses but if someone happens to read this and can in any way help me with my situation, it would be greatly appreciated. Best of luck to everyone else out there in the same position as me.