It may not seem like a problem - but my concern is this: With my daughter who is quiet to the point of sometimes being withdrawn, what is going on inside of her head? She talks to me just fine, but I'm not absolutely sure she's truthful about her feelings. Do I need to be worried?
I don't think so. No need to worry as some children express themselves less.
Last update on April 19, 3:10 am by Tiffany Diamond.
It is likely that she is just fine, but there could be more going on. I would trust your intuition- if you feel in your gut that something is wrong, you should look in to it. There's no harm in getting an opinion from an outside source, perhaps a child psychologist. They will probably tell you everything is fine, but it could at least ease your concerns.
I think the most important thing you can do with kiddos like this is make sure your relationship is a safe one, that she perceives you as being on "her side" and there to help. Also make sure that you're getting regular one-on-one time that she can plan on, so she knows if there's something she wants/needs to talk about, there will be a time when she can, without necessarily having to seek you out or initiate the conversation.