Where is the best place to begin searching for a waiting child? By that I mean, where are the laws such that the time is relatively short, the rules are specific and not regularly changed, and it is not terribly expensive? For you who have adopted from various countries, where was your most favorable experience?
There was a ' positive trend ' of ' Healthy Infants ' . Coming out of Foreign Countries back in early 2000's.
For about the or equal to what the price or cost is of a American Domestic Adoption (s).
You could also get 2 or 3 non related and related Siblings at that price as well also.
When they caught on . Our Government prior to Barack Obama has put a lot more ' scrutiny ' on the process and making it more difficult.
China is still processing Dossiers from 2007-2008 for ' Healthy Infants and Children.'
The wait 7 years ago was expected to go until 2022 to 2026.
Most of Central America is closed , or the wait to get a baby or a child is 4 to 8 years, for Countries that are open.
Eastern Europe closed due to ' Poor Reporting ' and ' Abuse by American Families . '
I had friends adopt 6 Kids from Ghana, but the Kids are all very ' Traumatized ' from what they have experienced In-Country..
Let me ask you this? What are your financial, moral and ethical expectations of International Adoption please??
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International Adoption is a 3 Step Process
Your Ability to Parent one or more Children. Determined by a International Home Study.
Immigration 's evaluation of how this child will live upon Home Coming or ' Gotcha Day '...
The International Country's Receiving and Acceptance of your Family...