With kids ranging between the ages of 2 to 16, what activities do you recommend we do as an entire family? We are already hikers, and everyone enjoys that ... but what else? We've tried playing card and board games but that always is divisive as we can't all play at the same level. Suggestions please?
We have ages 9 - 18. Here are two board games that everyone could get involved with and I believe they start as young as 5 years.
Pie Face:
Disney Eye Found It:
The Pie Face game especially was just crazy enough that the older kids wanted to play but simple enough that young kids could play. Let me know if you get any more ideas please!!
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Swimming can be a fun family activity . . . Or outdoor games, like softball, soccer, or badminton. It can be fun for the little kids to be paired up with an older "mentor" who can help them with the tougher parts.