I personally want to give every new parent I know a copy of Babywise. I have three kids, and I've never followed its guidelines rigidly, but the general principles of the book can really set you up for a good first year . . . and lay the groundwork for a positive, proactive approach to parenting in general.
What is YOUR favorite piece of advice for first-time parents of newborns?
Hi Rachel parenting children is difficult at any stage of life. Newborns offer a unique challenge in many ways as the entire family unit is adjusting the new little one in the home with new routines, sleep patterns etc. It's a crazy time for sure. My best advise to any parent of a newborn.... Take Care of Yourself! The role of parent is only so good and when you are sleep deprived, exhausted, and worn clear out you really can't parent well at all. So don't forget about yourself in the process. If you want the best for your newborn, make sure you take care of you too!
Hi Rachel as a Sr. Consultant - Obstetrics & Gynecology at Paras Bliss Hospital New Delhi my advice for new mothers would be to breastfeed their young ones for the first 6 months post-delivery. It is also encouraged beyond that, until at least 12 months, and longer if both the mother and baby are willing.This selfless act creates bonding between the mother and the baby and benefits both.This also helps in growth and well-being of the baby.Breastfeeding provides an ideal nutrition to the baby. It is nearly a perfect mix of vitamins, minerals, and proteins; in short, it has everything that the baby needs to grow.
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I am a first time mom of a one month old and I feel like the best piece of advice I have gotten from a good friend is to not judge myself so critically and to do what feels right for me and my child. Right not I am just trying my best to be very attentive to my son and learn what is best for him, like what his different cries mean and what things comfort him. I get a lot of advice from people around me and I try almost everything and see what works for us. Some things work and others don't work for us. It doesn't mean it's not good advice, it just isn't right in our situation. I also think that taking care of yourself is HUGE! I can tell a big difference in how patient I am when I make sure to have some time set aside just for me. Even if that just means taking a 10 minute bubble bath while he is asleep. :)
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I see a lot of first time parents worry that they are going to spoil their baby if they respond to every cry. My rule of thumb is that you cannot "spoil" an infant. Until they are 4 moths old, infants do not have self-soothing mechanisms, so leaving them to cry themselves to sleep, trying to force them into a regular eating schedule, etc. will not work. You cannot hold a baby too much, love them too much, or comfort them too much.