A very close person to me is searching for her birth parents and or any siblings that might be out there. She has wanted to know who her birth parents were for so long, but her adoptive mother would always get upset whenever she asked questions about it. Both adoptive parents have since passed, and she is an only child. In some way, she just wants to know where she came from and see a picture of her parents, even if a meeting is not wanted. She is too overwhelmed with the passing of her adoptive mother, and does not know where to even start searching, so I told her that i would attempt to gather information on her behalf.
Gender: Female
Birthday: 02/15/1964
Adoption Age: 5 days old
Adoption city: Casper, WY
Birth City: Unknown
Details known: only thing that she was ever told was that the birth mother was young.
Please, if you know of any young mother who who gave birth to a new born in any state around Wyoming at the end of January or beginning of February in 1964, and was put up for adoption, please reach out to me. Even If you are not interested in meeting her, or knowing anything about her, I will keep your identity confidential. At the very least, she just wants to maybe see a picture, or know a little about the lives they lived.