Have you been criticized for choosing the kind of adoption you've pursued? People saying you should have adopted internationally, or from foster care, or infants? Seems like a lot of people have opinions about the "best" kind of adoption.
I got quite a few people that had very strong opinions about the route that we chose to adopt. We considered foster care and plan on doing foster care in the future, we just didn't feel that was right for us at that point in time. A lot of it had to do with the fact that I had 4 pregnancy losses in a row over the span of 5ish years and to be honest, I just really wanted a baby that I didn't have to worry about losing or being taken away from me if that makes sense. I know all children deserve a loving home and I was told that my loss was nothing compared to what foster kids have lost from a random person that messaged me on Facebook. I was also told I was selfish and I'm sure it was in many ways it was selfish, but people need to do what is right for their family. Infant adoption was right for our family this time around and I hope to try international adoption and foster to adopt in the future. I don't think one form of adoption is better than another or that one child is more deserving of a loving home than another.People are always going to have all sorts of opinions on which way is the right way, but I think those who are considering adoption should look into the different routes they can pursue and choose what feels best to them.