i was born in 73 was told little if even the truth information that i have a half brother 2 years younger than me. supposedly st. louis county in 1975 if anyone comes close or has any information please let me know . the problem is sometimes whoever does the adoption will change the birthyear or birthdate , so this has been an ongoing search since i found out at 15 yrs old.....please help
I recommend you check the adoption registries: registry.adoption.com, ISRR.org, and your state registry. Also you can take a DNA test with Ancestry, so if he looks for birth family, he will have an easier time finding you. Also you can join the Facebook group Adoptee Central. It is an active search group. Once you join, make a post with all of your info and they will try to help. Best of luck!
I'm searching for birth relatives on behalf of my husband - he was born Nov 1975 in St. Louis County to a very young mother and an adoption was arranged through Christian Family Services. Do you have any details that match his?