I often hear about people adopting babies whose families are from the Marshal Islands but who are living in Arkansas. Any ideas about why that happens so commonly?
There is an Attorney in Arkansas .
Who is able to complete an International Adoption at a Domestic Adoption rate or price...
I know people who Adopted a Newborn son.
I am not trying to be ' critical ' please, but I am or would be interested in your Research or as a Discussion please??
I was just curious! Arkansas seems like kind of an unexpected place for a large population of Pacific Island immigrants, so I was wondering if anyone knew how a Marshallese community had grown up there. Also curious about why adoptions are coming out of the population so commonly - a cultural thing, maybe?
I or we have friends in Minnesota who Adopted the same way in New York City..
Theirs' was an Attorney from In-Country . Who knew both American and European Adoption Components or and Systems.
The friends who I know who Adopted from Arkansas or Marshall Islands had very little in Financial Resources to Adopt Multiple Times Internationally.
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Not sure if you read, but an Arizone politician was arrested for facilitating illegal adoptions from the Marshall Islands.