I am looking for 2 different types. I was also adopted and found MOST of my BIO mom's side but none of my fathers. Mother maiden name was Dottie (Dorothy) Wing.
There is 1 sister left out of 6 of us to find. Her name at birth was Faye, she was born on Dec 63 or 64 in MA. We were both at our Aunt's home until the state took us away and separated us. I went to foster care in Westfield and she went to Springfield. Since then our Mom had 4 more daughters. I really have some health information that can be very important.
Also my father side I have never met, so my search still goes on. His name is Raymond Bell. Him and my mom ran to Chicago back in last 61 early 62. I was born November 5, 1962. Mom was a runaway and shipped back to MA, put in Juvenile Detention in Tewksbury and I was born in the nearby Hospital. She was married to another man at the time who really considered me his daughter and wanted to keep me, Jacque Perron. My birthname was Mary Jean Perron.
I am 54 now and would love to completely come full circle. If any of this sounds familiar to any1 plz reach out to me. I still feel like part of my heart is missing and out there somewhere.
If you have not already, please put your info on registry.adoption.com, ISRR.org, and your state adoption registry. Also you can do DNA testing. Please join the Facebook group "Adoptee Central." There are some great searchers there that may be able to help. Once you join, please write a post with the same info you have listed here. Good luck!