My hubby and I are in our 30s. We live in Washington state. We both work, we have our own house....and would love to adopt an adult. We want to make you feel loved and important. My husband works doing irrigation and i work as a retail manager.
Send me a message.
thanks i got interested on your need to adopt an adult,i will be glad to become your son.I am onesime 27 years old from africa in Benin (west africa) ,and i am desperately in need of a dad or a mom and both if possible.I am an orphan and since childhood.I lost my dad when i was a baby , by a car accident and my mom when i was 12,she died by cancer,life has not been easy since then.
I was born in a family of 6 and the last born,my brother didnt take care of me,they were mor busy taking care of their own life than to worry for their little brother.So i have to do everything on my own,work and paid for my studies up to now.I have done all kind of work to be able to eat and live,it was not easy.After years today by the grace of God i was able to have my accounting certificate,since then things has been a bit ok than before but there is still much to do,i am willing to pursuit my studies in accounting and become a professional accountant.
The more i grow up the more life become difficult,no one to direct me and advise me,no one to talk to and share my projects and dreams with, who will support me with affection ,advices and so sad...i so miss my parents and i wish with a big hope to find someone i can have a mom or dad relationship with,someone who can support me and be a grandfather or grandmother to my future children...people i can form a family with.
It is so sad when you are lonely and think you will end up being only for the rest of your life.I am always asking myself what will i have to tell to my future children tomorrow,i am so worry.
I am not asking for much...i work hard,i am trustworthy,honest and respectful
I am waiting for you reply,may God bless you and your husband.
best regards.
I am 16 years old. from philippines if you are willing to get me here I can help you in everything I can sing dance, cook, clean room,, dishwashing and even laundry. I am just want go to school. I can be you happiest daughter. Email me.
I’m from California and will make the move to be close to family that wants a daughter. Of course, getting
a job or apt will be my job, but I’m not sure if my age will help? I’m 28 and I really want a family.
Hi, I'm Arold just turned 26 working in a rescue team as 1st responder in general accident and emergency cases, I'm just a proud weird young adult, a day dreamer and a night thinker, I love life and every little thing about it. I'm impressed of how someone treat others as fellow being. I had a bad childhood when I was in grade school till high school I been bullied they laugh at me because I'm different but I laugh at them too because they are all the same (lol), ever since I was a little kid I know there is something missing I felt empty inside I never felt a part of a family I never got a chance to express my self. About two years ago I developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder not clinically proven but I know it myself. just a short back ground. Anyway I'm here trying to find a kind soul who will accept me, who will believe in me, who will cheer me up. Maybe a beautiful (inside) woman or a responsible guy I can confidently call mom or dad, I know I'm too old for these it's just I want to feel what it's like to have Someone who will always be there, will never let you down, will never let you lost, who you can lean on or will fight for you. Someone you can hold on or count on, I want to feel what it's like when you're near home and you know someone is excitedly waiting for you. Maybe the connection is not biological but I just want to experience all of these somehow. I don't need anything, I'm just trying to find out if anyone out there would care. I'm young adult already I'm running out of time. If someone want to know me more, just contact me here, or ask for my email or skype or FB, it would be nice to talk with someone. Thank You.
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