I'm new to this, so any help would be great. I was adopted in 1990 in Eugene, Oregon. My birth date is February 27the, 1990. My birth mother's name was Sandra Kay Knapp aka Sandra Kay Anderson. I searched on Facebook, and of course got an overwhelming number of unhelpful results. I am hoping for AT LEAST medical records. Any help or tips would be appreciated.
Oregon allows access to your original birth certificate. You can request it from the circuit court where the adoption took place. You may be able to get your birth father's name from that document.
You can register at registry.adoption.com and ISRR.org. They are mutual consent adoption registries. If your family has registered there, the organization can connect you.
As far as DNA goes, I highly recommend it for people who are searching, but you may not need it since you have your mother's name. You certainly would not need to pay a service to hold it on a tree for you. If you test through Ancestry (which I have used successfully) you get your results in the form of matches. You can built your own tree based on the matches. If you do nothing with it, the results sit there and collect new matches over time as more people test. Your matches will have a email you can contact them through, so in your case, if you absolutely cannot find her through regular search means, you can try DNA so if she already tested you would have a way to contact her.
There are two excellent search groups on Facebook. They are active search groups, so you join, make a post with all the info you have, and then the other members help you find them. The groups are Adoptee Central and Search Squad. I think this is going to be the best option for you. I have seen miracles performed in these groups, and you have excellent information to work with.
Please keep us posted on how your search is going!