So does anyone out there follow Teen Mom OG? Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra placed their daughter Carly for adoption 8 years ago. Carly's parents asked that they not share her picture on social media, which I believe is a request they've largely complied with, but recently they've also pulled back on contact and told Catelynn and Tyler that if they continue even talking about Carly on TV or social media, they'll lose visitation rights altogether. Here's an article on the topic:
What are your thoughts on this? Are Carly's parents being overly controlling? Or just protective?
I think the adoptive parents are well within their rights to make those kinds of demands. They are just trying to protect her. Honestly, I think it's awfully selfish of Tyler to say he's gonna do what he does and damn the consequences. He obviously does not have his daughter's best interest in mind. He may think this will play out badly in the daughter's eyes for the adoptive parents, but I think the daughter will see it as his social success being more important than her. For all he knows, the daughter could have made that request, and the adoptive parents are just relaying the message. In that case, he wouldn't be respecting her wishes, and that will definitely fall on him.
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