I have a tremendous passion for international adoption and foster care/foster adoption. I have read extensively on the subject over the past several years and am keenly aware of the need for foster and adoptive parents. I see good people all around me who would probably make wonderful adoptive parents. I want to advocate for fostering/adoption but I feel like I can't, because I haven't done it myself. (For various - legitimate - reasons.) So what do you think? How do I promote foster care and adoption without coming across as a hypocrite?
I haven't adopted or fostered either but I encourage people to do it all the time! It's a little different because I am directly involved in the triad, but I think some of the same things still apply. When I talk about my line of work with people adoption comes up, and a lot of the time they themselves will say "oh I've thought about fostering or adopting" and I say "Why don't you?" and it opens up a discussion that way. Talking about work is usually a good precursor for me.