Hello, I just met my biological father for the first time this past weekend. I feel like I got a lot of questions answered and had a great time meeting him and the rest of his family. However, what do we do now? We live in two different states and feel like there are still a whole lot of unknown. Does it get better? Thanks!
I try and think of relationships like this as similar to any other extended family relationship. Reunion is not just a one meeting deal, you can definitely continue to maintain contact. You can be friends on social media, talk on the phone or skype every once in awhile, text, and get together on special occasions.
None of my biological family lives close by. It's difficult to stay in touch, but we manage. We are all friends on Facebook. We text and occasionally call each other. We visit when possible. You just do what you can when you can. I try to check in with everyone at least once a month, but the replies are usually pretty short. I wish you the best!
I agree with what Annaleece said. At this point, it's really no different than meeting someone from out of state for the first time. Cultivate it like you would any other relationship. At some point in your interaction, things will fall naturally in line and it will seem almost effortless.
Best of luck with your reunion and your new family friendships :)
So now I am dealing with my biological-mom (that raised me), step dad (that adopted me when I was a baby--I call him my dad, but for this post I will make it easy calling him step dad) are having issues with me having a relationship with Biological-dad and family. They are seeing it as a personal attack that I want to spend time with them and it is not that at all. Mind you, I live out of state from my parent's that raised me as well and am 26 years old.
Does anyone have any advice on this topic?
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I would try to explain to them that this is not something you are doing TO them, but something you are doing FOR you. Tell them it is important that you learn about your family history. I wrote a letter to my adoptive parents about finding my birth family. Maybe it will help you.
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