I am a big supporter of breastfeeding. So much so that I offered to pump for my birth daughter and ship her family the milk. That didn't end up happening, which is fine. She's a happy healthy baby. I have also heard of adoptive mothers attempting to induce lactation. I will be honest, that is hard for me to wrap my head around. I know it's a bonding experience, but I personally don't know that I'd feel comfortable with that. There are other ways to get breast milk than inducing it yourself. What are your thoughts about this?
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I have breastfed two children. I definitely think if the birth mom offers to pump, the offer should be taken if possible. There is nothing better than breastmilk. I too have heard of adoptive mothers inducing lactation. I think if they are up for the task, more power to them. Personally, thinks like inducing lactation and wet nursing make me a little uncomfortable, but to each their own. I think breastfeeding should be encouraged no matter how it happens.
That's true, breast is best in my opinion no matter what. Just because it makes me feel a little uncomfortable doesn't mean it's still not best for the baby. I think as long as bio mom knows before she places with the adoptive mom and is on board it's okay. To each their own.
If you can pump, you can provide your breast milk to your child in a bottle. You can give your baby infant formula or both breast milk and infant formula. You can talk to your doctor about getting a prescription for breast milk from a human breast milk bank. whatever makes you comfortable but I think that breast milk is the best!
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