Have any of you reunited with your birth family for a while and then the relationship fizzled out?
Tell me your story.
Hi Ashley,
I am a reunited nature mother, having relinquished my only child some 42 years ago. I have been in reunion with him for 20 plus years. I have three beautiful grandchildren. Although reunion has had many highs and many lows, we both stick through it as we are very much alike, right down to our behaviors, thoughts, even the people we married, as is my son's nature father. To know my son is to know myself and vice versa. It is an emotional thing, because whether or not those
involved are in reunion or not, they are deeply affected by adoption.
When one says one has no interest, it means usually "deep down I am afraid and angry." Reunion is not for whimps. It is a roller coaster ride. I think anyone interested in reunion should read deeply first beforehand, and go with an open loving heart.