If you're new to the Community or new to Adoption, you may not be aware that November is National Adoption Awareness Month. In 1984, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed the first ever "National Adoption Week" in November. You can read the proclamation in it's entirety here:
The purpose of the Proclamation was to acknowledge the couples who know the anguish of prolonged waiting to welcome an adopted child into their home. The focus was to bring a topic that had long been brushed aside to the forefront of peoples minds. There were thousands of waiting couples as well as thousands of waiting children in the US and the proclamation aimed to give a voice to those waiting.
In 1995, under the leadership of President Bill Clinton, National Adoption Week was expanded to include the entire month of November and within a few years, the Internet was introduced as a key tool to finding homes for children waiting in the Foster Care System.
Now, decades later -- National Adoption Awareness Month has grown to mean many different things to many different people touched by adoption. One thing remains, however: National Adoption Awareness Month is a month to not only acknowledge Adoption, but to also bring focus to those children, but domestically as well as overseas, who are desperately waiting for a forever family to call their own.
In addition to National Adoption Awareness Month, there is one day, set aside, to recognize the importance of creating families through the adoption of children waiting in the US Foster Care System. This year, on November 18th, jurisdictions all across the country will open their doors and focus on the finalization of the adoptions of children who have been placed in forever homes through their states Foster Care system. On this day, events and celebrations will be held to honor those who have become 'forever families' throughout the year.
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