Who ever is reading this, I’m praying you’re looking for a daughter like me. I’m a super loving, yet kind of shy, and a little funny? I am woman seeking an awesome mom and dad or just one great parent.
A little bit about myself: I’m 28 years old, I have my own car, and I earned an Associates degree in Business. I currently work at a charter school with the cutest kindergarteners!
The reason I’m here is because I was born into a family that never loved me. My biological father died when I was a teen, and my mother adores my brothers and doesn’t consider me her child. I’m looking for a loving family that I don’t just see during the holidays, but any time to bond. If you want that daughter that calls you, and visits you, and enjoys a family connection I’m that woman! We can get to know each other and see if I fit your family. This is all I’ve ever wanted and if you have kids that’s also a blessing!
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