I hope this doesn't come across as a strange post, but I believe there can be people that can mutually benefit from this potentially wonderful connection. I also hope if someone is aware of other resources that can be helpful in my quest to please let me know.
In brief: I have lived away from my parents for a very long time (they're overseas) and I have visited them every year without fail and have invited them a couple of times to visit me here, in the US. I only have my older brother who has basically made my life miserable and has affected and undermine the relationship with my parents over the years. I've been greatly affected by not feeling "loved" or appreciated by my parents, especially by my mother who could simply see no wrong in her son. It gets more complicated than that, but I feel very alone as I have no kids of my own - deliberate decision- and it's me and my husband pretty much in my life. I am sure there are parents out there who were not fortunate enough to have children , even though they wanted them, or maybe do not have very nice children, who have forgotten their parents, so I'd like to fill that void as well....
P.S. I am not looking for an "official" adoption as I'm a grown woman, but would definitely like to have and establish a connection of belonging to a family as I get older.
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