Hello- this is my first time asking a question such as this, but I wanted to see if fostering was even possible--
My husband and I are in our early 50's and have a huge empty heart. My husband is a disabled veteran. He is mobile but has a lot of pain due to an injury from active duty. He is interact-able but could never do football or soccer or such. My biggest question I have before we even pursue fostering is, my husband is also on an opioid drug to manage his pain. Would this automatically disqualify us from fostering? If so, then it is a closed subject. If not, then where would we begin our process?
My other question is, I currently volunteer at a small Christian elementary school, would we be allowed to put the children in that school opposed to a public school?
And lastly, we do live in the country, and we do have wild animals and snakes that come onto our little farm, and we do have guns for such animals that threaten our animals (or us). Are we allowed to have guns in the house?
Thank you for any input.
Blessings- Juli
Hi, Juli. Many of your questions and concerns will depend on the laws in your state. For us (in Texas), we had to put all medications and weapons under double lock-and-key with ammunition under separate double lock-and-key. We bought a large locking filing cabinet, and each drawer had a separate locked tackle box that had medications, firearms, and ammunition in them.
We adopted our kiddos a little over two years ago after fostering them for about 18 months. We are in our 40s.
All the best to you and your husband.