My husband and I are matched with a sweet little girl from Bulgaria. We are still waiting for our first travel dates, but I was just wondering what other people's experiences were with this? I am so nervous and excited to meet her! She is only 2 and very behind in development, so I do not think she will really know what is happening. How did you and/or your child cope with being apart for the 4-6 months after the initial trip? I would like to hear about all experiences whether positive or negative. I just like to be as prepared as possible.
Thank you so much!
Hi Carol!
Are you in the big Bulgaria Adoptions group on facebook?
We have done it twice, the second time was definitely easier because we knew what was coming :p
All I can say is that yes, the wait does suck. However! There will be a grieving period when they first come home of what your old life looked like. The first few months will be hard, so try to really enjoy the limited time you have left, before your whole dynamic changes!
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Thank you so much for your response! I would definitely be interested in joining the Bulgarian adoptions group on facebook! I just recently signed up for facebook (I husband and I made a pact to never join facebook, but recently decided that it will be useful for adoption resources). If you don't mind me asking, how old were children when you adopted them from Bulgaria and how were the conditions of the orphanage (if they were in an orphanage)?