Hi All. My son's birth father's appeal has been dismissed and I'm anxiously awaiting to finalize our adoption. Remittitur from Appeals Course is scheduled to be released on April 9th, 2018. How long after remittitur was released did your adoption take place? Or, how long after the bio parent's appeal was dismissed did you adoption take place?
I don't know what state you're in or how things work where you are. However, here they don't begin the adoption process until the tpr is final and the child/ren has been in your home at least 6 months. All of that being said...from the time you start adoption until the judge slams that gavel making it official, usually takes a good long while.
In our case bio parents were tpr'd in April of 2017 (they fought, lost and decided not to appeal). Our adoption was complete the end of September 2017. It took us 5 moths from tpr to finalization and in Maine, that's unheard of. We had special circumstances I won't get into at the moment, but the adoption worker commented several times how ridiculously fast the process was going for us. The people I've spoken to, who weren't as "lucky" as we were to have things rushed through, say it takes at least a year from start to finish. Not for nothing, I thought 5 months was a really long time. It was a very painfully long 5 months.
Hi Virginia,
Thanks for your reply. We're in California. We've raised our son for over 2 years and our adoption home study was approved over a year ago. Parental rights were terminated in July 2017, birth father appealed, and his appeal was formally dismissed in February 2018. The remittitur, which confirms the dismissal, was issued April 2018. I was curious how long other adoptive parents had to wait post remittitur. We have a 6 month review court date in late May but our Adoption Worker isn't sure if adoption will happen by then.
Congrats on your adoption!
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