I've known since I was a kid I have an older brother who was adopted. We had talked on the phone when I was younger when he met our mother for the first time.
I'm not sure why but the relationship with my half brother & his family stopped one day.
20years later & I'd really like to find/meet my half brother but I really don't know what to expect if I do actually find him.
Has anyone that knew of their half siblings met them years later as adults that can give me some advice?
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Do you have his name, date of birth, other information?
Is this more of a relationship question or a search AND relationship question?
I reunited with my birth family, including siblings, last year after forty years.
In the process, I also found my mom's older half brother that she had never known about. He had passed away, but had kids my age and a bit younger. We have connected with his kids and one of them has completely embraced us as family, one is still mourning her father and isn't ready for us, and the other seems great but pretty much leaves us alone.
I would be happy to chat with you about the search process or tell you a bit more about meeting my half cousins if you think that might help you.