Hi everyone,
My name's Sascha and I'm a 23 year old student and activist currently living in London. I study Law and I work as the volunteer coordinator at a charity where I'm also the international policy assistant. I also do a fair amount of volunteering work outside of my job, including running an online magazine, interfaith work and work supporting asylum seekers as I speak Arabic and French and some Russian.
I'll share my story (which is a bit sad so skip the next paragraph to go onto the nicer stuff haha)
As most adults on here I didn't have a great childhood. I moved around a bit and my family were quite abusive. They have some pretty extreme beliefs and sent me to conversion therapy when I came out to them (in tears) at 18. While studying abroad in Morocco I was assaulted and struggled over the next couple of years with PTSD which meant I had to drop out of my first degree. When I went home I came out as trans and then got locked out of the house. In the last 2 years I've worked really hard on my own recovering and building a career for myself which meant I was able to move to London earlier this year with a new job. I've also restarted my studies part time.
Since being kicked out I've tried to be very independent but I have found myself wishing I had some sort of family. Even though I've got amazingly supportive friends it's still difficult at times, especially during the holidays. I'd love to be able to fly home for Thanksgiving, little thinks like that which I don't feel I've ever had. If you'd like to learn more email me on It's not my main address but I don't want to give out all my contact details at once! It would be nice to exchange a couple of emails and then have a chat on Skype. Let's see what life brings; I hope it's full of joy, hope and love.