My name is Jade, I’m a 23-year-old living in Boston, searching for a loving family.
My mother died giving birth to me so I never got to meet her, I’ve herd that she was an amazing person who had lot of love to give, she was also very spiritual (something I definitely got from her), I would have loved to meet her. My dad was mentally and verbally abusive, growing up with him I had no love and was always told that I shouldn’t have been born or that I killed my mother. He didn’t care about me at all.
Because of him I never knew what affection or love was until I was around 15 years old when I started dating I met this amazing girl who loved me so much. A few years into our relationship I came out to my dad as a lesbian, he didn’t take that well, he began to say the most horrible things to me “kill your self b*tch”. Needless to say I left when I turned 18, me and my partner moved from Canada to the US where we made a home for us in Massachusetts.
Just a year after moving my partner passed away due to a heroine overdose. My dad came down to the house and I asked him if he could stop paying for the apartment and pay for a much cheaper one. My resining was that my girlfriend died there and couldn’t stand being there to which my dad replied “I’m not going to waste my time with that just because you broke your play-thing”.
I moved in with a friend and 2 years later (today) I’ve cut my dad out of my life and I’m engaged to a beautiful woman. There’s just one big thing missing in my life tho, a real family or at least a real loving parent. It’s always on my mind how much I am just a really want someone to look out for me, a mother that I can cry to, a family that loves me for me, a family to spend the holidays with, parents to say good night too.
I can go on and on for days talking about how much I just want a normal family I don’t even care if it’s not a full family, just A parent figure I can give me all these things is enough, If you love me but I’m sure I will love you. I should probably stop saying all this stuff and just tell you what I’m like.
I’m a quiet girl that can be loud when she needs to, I know very well how to defend for myself, I’m not afraid to open my mouth to fight bullsh*t, I definitely have a sailors mouth and cuss all the time, I definitely do not act my age a lot of the time. My interests include taking long walks to explore the neighborhood, reading bucks, listening to music, eating, checking in with my friends every day, visiting art museums, protesting for good causes, and taking care of animals.
There’s probably a bunch more that I could honestly put on here but I don’t want to make you read forever. But how about some of my dislikes? I’m not a big fan of visual media (so I’m not the type of person you would take out to the movies or watch a show with), I don’t take kindly to horrible people (for obvious reasons), And I am not a big fan of shopping. That’s really all I think, there might be more but honestly I may talk like I’m a negative person, but I’m really not and I don’t really dislike many things.
I’m really loving person that has a lot of love to give, if you put in a lot of love i’ll put in a lot of love. I hope I can find my future parent(s).
Pardon any typos.
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Hi Jade,
Are you still looking? I might not be what you are looking for, as I am only 24, but if you were looking for parents, I'd be glad to step up. I live in Ottawa, Ontario, but am originally from Indiana. I am bisexual and my husband is trans, when we started out it was a lesbian relationship and we had some snags with my family too. Now, my parents are not actively involved in my life, and I want to be there for someone else who needs parents. Everything you described sounds lovely, and I'd love to have an adult daughter to support and love, and invite over for holidays when we get to that point, to text or call and hear about her life and be involved in it. So if you didn't have a specific age in mind for a Mom, feel free to contact me. :)