Hello all. I was adopted. My parents were always honest about this. I never wanted to know anything about any biological family until a few years ago when I had some medical issues. I located my birth certificate which had the biological parents names listed. I researched and found siblings on both sides. I love my parents dearly. I lost my Mom 9 years ago and we were very close. My parents had divorced and my Dad was always good to me but we were never as close as Mom and I were. Dad and I are now much closer.
My issue lies in this. My biological families have never forced pics of the mother or father on me. I have the chance to view them any time I wish. I'm a little more lenient on the father's pic because of my parents divorce. Despite being much closer with my Dad now I do remember that he chose to leave my Mom and I behind. I don't feel as guilty about maybe viewing a picture of the father.
Entirely different with the birth mother. I get very emotional discussing my Mom now that she's gone. I feel that if I saw a pic of the birth mother that I'd be betraying my Mom. My maternal sister says otherwise, that it's just a picture. She says my Mom raised me and that I should think of her as my true mother.
I've always felt any man and woman can be a father and mother and it takes special people to be a Dad and Mom. I have those special people. I think of the birth parents as a sperm donor and surrogate or carrier.
What would you do as far as viewing pictures? I am curious for resemblance reasons only but am obviously torn.