I am new here. My husband and I took in my newborn nephew in Oct. He was 3 wks old when he came. My sister is a heroin addict for the last 12 yrs. The last 3 mo of her pregnancy she went to a methadone clinic and baby was born few wks early.
He had a hard time detoxing but I think the worst is over. My sister is pissed we have him. Although, I don't completely understand why. She kept saying I wanna keep her baby.
I begged her to go to a Mommy and Me program but she refused to leave her pimp. Now she is saying she wants to go to one. She has recently relapsed, od'd and turned back to prostitution.
She is back on methadone for a wk now. Lying about where she is living.
Do you think judge will really grant a Mommy and Me program?
She hasn't even seen the baby.
We are heartbroken. He is thriving with us. The thought of him living in a facility keeps me up at night.
Does anyone have any experience with this??
Thank you so much for anyone reading this much :)