Hello. I was adopted in 1984 from Brasillia, Brazil.
Here are some details that i know of:
-D.O.B: May 11, 1984 at 10:45 am
-Hospital: Hospital Regional Do Gama, Federal District, Brazil (I think i spelled it right)
-Birth name: Martin Lee Alves Martins or Martin Alves Martins
-Birth Mother's name: Ana Alves Martins
-Birth Mother's age at time of my birth: 25 years old
-Birth Mother's occupation: Domestic Servant
-Birth mother was registered at First Civil Registry Offices of Births and Marriages in Brasillia
-Translator for Adoption records (Facilitated my adoption): Bunny Gustave Persijn
-Birth Father's name: Unknown
-Reason I was given up: Could not afford to take care of me
Other details: I had pnemonia as a baby and my mother gave me to a family friend who then adopted me out to an American family. I was adopted out in October of 1984 by Americans through Bethany Christian Services. I then moved to Michigan, U.S.A and now reside in Florida.
I found cousins on Ancestry with the last name Pessoa, however we could not find my birth parents.
I was also adopted with a brother (not related by blood) from Brazil who was adopted from a different family.