I'm looking for a Mother figure. Someone caring, understanding and responsible, who can hold my hand and take me places and open up my world and can help me catch up on the experiences I've missed out on, so I can finally start living.
I don't need any money or personal care or even housing, just love, emotional support and lots of quality time together.
My name is Sephi, I love animals, toys, cute things and Japan. I am the type of child who will never grow up and leave you.
I am socially stunted at 12 and have still not been able to have most of the life experiences past that age yet. I haven't celebrated a birthday since 13, never been to a bar, never been drunk, never had a relationship, never been cuddled or kissed, never had prom or graduation etc, every new years, Halloween, bonfire night etc are spent alone in my room hoping that next year I will have family or friends to celebrate with, but year after year after year nothing changes except the chunk of life I missed out on getting bigger and bigger.
My biological Mother is dead and we were never able to have any kind of relationship because of her brain problems. I never had any female family members or family friends or anything. Never had anybody supportive in my life. Nobody to look up to, nobody guide me, nobody to ask for help, nobody to bond with or talk with or have any sort of emotional connection with whatsoever and it has left me so stunted and emotionally malnourished. As I grew, the emptiness grew too and the need for a Mother figure has now consumed me. My only 2 family members have no emotional connection with me and I have had literally 0 friends in the past 7 years.
Even just one day out would be nice, if you don't like me, you don't have to see me again. I'm grateful for any time I get to have outside and around people.
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I’m Reva, 26 years old with adorable 3 year old son. I’m so desperately seeking to find a Mom and possibly a dad. My mom was a drug addict and battled cancer all her life and eventually she died when I was 14. I went to foster home but only tough love was given. I’m in need of the emotional support, unconditional love and just the awesomeness of having a mom let alone a dad. I know I’d be such a great daughter and would like my son to grow up with great grandparents. Hoping I find a Mom =) #Godspeed everyone email me if interested
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