Im angel I'm 20 years old been in foster care from age 2 been abused in all types of ways thrown from house to house. (To sum it up quickly I was a child sex slave)
When I turned 17 I got placed in the house that I'm in now this is the first house that Iv ever been in that I have not been Abused in however the people I live with almost 80 years old so we fuss and fight everyday they don't understand me and I don't understand them.
Because of everything I been through I have turned in to just a mean person. I know I shouldn't be mean but I just am
my bad habits are being mean, throwing temper tantrums, fighting, cursing, hitting and throwing things when I'm mad, not eating everyday, Cutting, being very insecure about my self, not listening to anyone, talking back, having a bad attitude, having a smart and sarcastic mouth and many more.
I think I'm like this because I'm allowed to get away with this. I don't ever have consequences or punishments for the things I do.
this is why I'm LOOKING FOR a very strict MOTHER/PARENTAL FIGURE/disciplinarian that will:
1. control me just as a real parent would do to their child
2. give me rules
3. Make me ask for permission to do things
4.Have random check ins just to see what I’m doing
5.Make decisions for me as a parent would do a child
6.Give punishments as a parent would give to their child
7. and be very strict when needed but also loving caring and understanding
8. someone who will talk on the phone with me/FaceTime or Skype
I need more struture in my life because at this point I have none and I'm going down the wrong path I guess so someone needs to straighten me out just all NONSEXUAL (just want a mother daughter bond/relationship I’m 20 but really just a BIG FIVE YEAR OLD)
So basically I'm just looking for someone that can just be there for me be very strict when needed give me rules and consequences but also have reward with like sticker charts or something
I need some one who loves to talk on the phone a lot someone who wants to get to know every little thing about me someone who learns what work and what don't work on me someone who knows exactly when I'm sad or upset with out me having to say. Jus someone who know me
Kik masterNeededNow1
to get in touch with me the quickest. (Ps yes the name is weird but ignore it lol it wasn’t my Kik to begin with I just got it passed down!)